Freitag, 11. Januar 2013



A ran into an article about Sofia Coppola the other day, while throwing my eyes on a magazine. I never thought I could find out more about my favorite director, actually never imagined she could have made such connections and by this I refer to the world of fashion.The article was about her collaboration with the great designer Luis Vuitton- but that is not the purpose of my post. 
While reading about her, I got invaded by a sweet melancholy of her movies, of the feeling of numbness and empathy  that I could have ever felt.
I designated her my favorite of all, as in each and every film I watched I could totally permit myself get mystified by  the characters she build and I could reach more of the non-verbal dialog, script or replica of the plot.
I started to research a bit about her, transcending the wall of her directing experience and I discovered a wall full of captures from her movies, along with the poster's thought- "I would like to sit in a bath tub and pretend I am in Sofia Coppola film"..I would like to be able to put my thoughts and experiences like in a Sofia Coppola movie, where even myself I would find me wandering between possibilities of endings.

"It’s always more intriguing to imagine what’s happening, as opposed to seeing everything, because then you can use your imagination. I always wanted to be at a distance." Sofia Coppola (via lapetitemandarine)