Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Spitting fire

It wasn't in my plan of course, to watch a movie, but apparently I like not getting by the schedule. There's no other charming feeling than discovering young and fresh directors.
Style is something that involves also a person's preferences and creativity, what that person can make out of his or her surroundings, people and different activities.And I like the easiness and fluency of thought, the lightness that some films are able to build.

I never go by appearances, nevertheless get misdirected by the opinion of masses. I watched the trailer, I liked it, I gave it a chance. It's young and hormonal and somehow the perfect balance between maturity and adolescence. It just makes me want to go back in time and evolve rapidly into a diffuse me.
The characters from the plot are build with less words and more artistic expression of eyes and mouth, of pauses in speaking and breathing.

*An awaiting of the end, for which I didn't motive any directional expectations.Great music, young actors.

Listen to me

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Giving the fact that everything concerning books or reaching into that direction attracts me, this video which has been experiencing some years, I must say it kept me interested giving me some light feeling of hope.
It is unexpectedly catchy and also was filmed in a library, the camera concentrating upon one female character who seems to be looking for something, be it  information or own need to fulfill her thirst for knowledge,  but in the same time transporting the experiences of others passing by.

The video was of course, recommended by one of my best friends wanting to celebrate her discovery, so to say. I embraced it with all my soul listening to it as a matter of reminding me of my purposes, of my liberation  from all superficial and commercial around me.

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012


Place: New York
Time left: until the end of October

Art has its own unexpected way of reinventing itself and in my personal opinion, tends to imply a level of insanity and freedom of mind to reach and teach greater things.
Worth to be seen, if not for its artistic implications but out of curiosity is Vincent Castigli's display.

A short presentation along with his opinion and point of view in art department comes shortly, plus for those who have more of a visual memory a video of the artist.
Reading a little bit into the public reactions, I could define his idea of art/creator relationship bold and weirdly interesting.His experiment with the "materialistic" feature of blood and patience of a decade have brought him towards his own expose of paintings that reach a very high intimate level.