Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Spitting fire

It wasn't in my plan of course, to watch a movie, but apparently I like not getting by the schedule. There's no other charming feeling than discovering young and fresh directors.
Style is something that involves also a person's preferences and creativity, what that person can make out of his or her surroundings, people and different activities.And I like the easiness and fluency of thought, the lightness that some films are able to build.

I never go by appearances, nevertheless get misdirected by the opinion of masses. I watched the trailer, I liked it, I gave it a chance. It's young and hormonal and somehow the perfect balance between maturity and adolescence. It just makes me want to go back in time and evolve rapidly into a diffuse me.
The characters from the plot are build with less words and more artistic expression of eyes and mouth, of pauses in speaking and breathing.

*An awaiting of the end, for which I didn't motive any directional expectations.Great music, young actors.

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